Can I work with you virtually?

Yes, you can receive a Distance Reiki Healing session. We set the time of the appointment and I check in before we start treatment to see what you would like to focus on for your Reiki healing. I ask that you rest in your home on a bed or whatever is most comfortable and private for you. After the session you are welcome to call me for any messages that I may have received for you.
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How many sessions until I see results?

Each person will respond differently and therefore treatment varies. Often people feel relief in their first session. Initially it may be beneficial to see me every week or two until a significant change is experienced. After that every month or so for a “tune up.”

Is it ok if I’m taking medication to do energy work?

Medication does not influence energy work.

What Can I Expect?

Responses to treatment can vary from person to person. Energy work enlists the person’s own ability to heal, change can be gradual and only to the extent that the body's natural balance will allow. Often a person will feel improvement in their overall health together with a gradual alleviation of the main complaint.

Do you sell the tools you work with? 

I do not sell BioMats, InLIght LED systems, or essential oils. Here are the links if you are interested in purchasing products:
Essential Oils: https://www.snowlotus.org or https://www.monara.org
LED InLight Therapy: Cristina Healing Light Therapy xtinastratos@gmail.com
BioMat: Let me know if you have questions and I will connect you. Contact me at melinda@pathstoheal.com

What Is your COVID Policy? 

I am fully vaccinated for COVID. I am only seeing vaccinated clients. I will wear a mask and you may remove your mask during the treatment if you would prefer. 

What Is your Cancellation Policy? 

Please provide notice of a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. As a courtesy, I allow one no-show. You will be charged the pre-paid service fee for any no-show thereafter.  

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"She has such calm, healing energy herself that I felt so at ease immediately."

- Katie Anderson