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Forty plus years of nursing provided a wealth of experience in traditional western medicine. Holistic care and prevention have always been a personal focus. Wanting to provide this type of care for others, I became a Reiki Master and completed training in Aroma Point Therapy to support others in their healing journey.

I hold space for and allow others to show up to do their own healing work. I empower others to heal themselves using energy work including Reiki, and Aroma Point Therapy. Paths to Heal is a nurturing environment where we will work toward your personal wellbeing.

I believe in holistic health practices that treat the whole person, physically, mentally and energetically.

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Paths to Healing!

"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand." 

- Rumi

Treatments include Aroma Point Therapy and Reiki combined, which produce transformative results treating the basic imbalances that lead to common conditions such as muscle tension, pain, overactive mind, depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, etc. Clients report feeling deeply relaxed during treatments, see shifting in old patterns, and healing of trauma. Adults and children benefit from these therapies.

My office has been in my home for the last 5 years. I love this space on the second level because of all the natural lighting and the spacious beautiful container it holds for clients. I use a massage table and take proper precautions to be sure when you enter, the space is safe and clean. I ask that if you are not feeling well, you notify me prior to your appointment to reschedule.

All services are on a sliding fee scale for Women of Color. Please inquire here

About Treatments

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Reiki is similar to plugging yourself into a battery charger for an hour or two. Your body is a grid. The healing I facilitate restores that grid, boosting your life force energy. My clients who receive Reiki experience reduced stress, greater peace, relaxation and healing. Aroma Point Therapy is included. Here is more information about Aroma Point Therapy.

Do you feel energetically off?
Are your batteries drained?
Could you benefit from a relaxing reset?
Are you experiencing body aches and pains?

Is this for you? 


- Catherine Gauger

"Her gifts of intuition and appearing at just the right time (God’s time) have provided me with much solace and consolation. I was invited to relax back and just let my mind and breath settle while Melinda went to work energetically nurturing and healing my soul. Truly an awesome experience."

- Katie Anderson

"I literally felt like she had swept so much of the sadness away. I had a clear path to healing. She has such calm, healing energy herself that I felt so at ease immediately. She is so knowledgeable and thorough."

-Marcia Kirk, L.Ac

"I see Melinda to help with agitation and worry from recent troubling circumstances in my life. She is such a gentle healer! And masterful in using Reiki and essential oils to calm my body and my brain."


"Her ability to deeply listen and tune in are partnered with her quiet, yet powerful way of holding space for each client’s inner healer to gently emerge. She is a wise soul and an empowering guide. "

Paths To Healing 

-COVID Policy-

I am fully vaccinated for COVID. I am only seeing vaccinated clients. I will wear a mask and you may remove your mask during the treatment if you prefer.

I acknowledge this COVID policy. Click to continue to site.